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The Counter-Strike 1.6 game.
Cs 1.6 was officially released and was named Counter-Strike 1.6 in the name – in 2000, the company VALVE.
Cs immediately attracted a huge success all over the world.
Counter-Strike 1.6 game to this day is perhaps the best online first-person shooter that brings together so many people from all over the world.
The game is based on two teams, one of them being terrorists, another team of police officers.
Cs 1.6 basic essence of the game is to collect as many killings in the name, to fight each other.
Half the winning team, which first destroyed the entire opposing team. The winning receives the next permutation more money in your balance. For this money you can buy better weapons:
For example:
• USP .45
• Glock 18
• Desert Eagle
• Sig P228
• Dual Beretta Elites
• Five Seven
• Benelli M3 Super
• Benelli M4 Super 90 (M1014)
Pistols-machine guns:
• MP5
• P90
• MAC-10
• UMP45
• AK-47
• SIG SG 550
• M4A1
• Steyr AUG
• Galil
Sniper rifles:
• Scout Schimdt
• G3SG / 1
• SG550
machine guns:
• M249
 Counter-Strike 1.6 game most people favorite weapons are: USP, Deagle, AK-47, M4A1 – probably due to the fact that these weapons are the easiest to defeat CS 1.6 game opponent, and to win the victory of their team.
Terrorists and the police are certain cs 1.6  maps roles.
For example: T – to help c4 (bomb) Planta if you want to beat the cops, if they fail to defuse c4 (bomb)
Meanwhile, the police, if you want to win, have helped defuse c4. In this case, it does not matter whether the opposition team is killed.
Cs 1.6 game, certain maps have put the hostages from a terrorist base reserved to their base. If they manage to do it, in which case the police immediately attributed the victory (CT)
 Maps Counter-Strike 1.6 game is different, and to this day still comes new, which some people. However, you might talk about the best, and mostly gambled.
The main map, you just adore CS 1.6 players are as follows:
De_dust2, de_dust, de_dust2002, de_inferno, de_aztec (15) de_nuke, de_train, cs_assault. We do not know why, but these maps are a favorite among the CS players.
Confirmed information:
Counter-Strike 1.6 legal versions of the game have been sold more than 20 million worldwide.
 In our website you can retrieve the counter-strike 1.6 game non-steam version, absolutely free!
Cs 1.6 game to Favorites Send those people whose cs computer meets the minimum requirements are:
Minimum: 500 MHz processor, no less than 128 RAM, 16MB graphics card, Windows 2000 / XP / ME / SE, mouse, keyboard, internet
Downloaded from our cs 1.6 game you get:
Outwardly modified CS 1.6 gaming environment
This will start the game, you are met by starting the sounds mood to fight and shooting.
You can not see any unwanted advertisements, play cs 1.6
Installed configuration files (cfg) which make it easier to kill the ball
You are able to choose where you want to gaming server.
Installation cs 1.6 setup file is tested virus, so no viruses.

How to download: cs 1.6 Favorites Send directly from our website by pressing the moving picture with the inscription cs 1.6 download.
After downloading the Counter-Strike 1.6, click the installation file twice, and CS 1.6 will start recording into your computer. Select the location (directory) to which you want to play cs 1.6 are included.
After the recording, release cs find your desktop – it will be titled (Counter-Strike 1.6)
To run a downloaded from our game cs 1.6, click twice, the game will start automatically.
I walked to the counter-strike 1.6 game Come to Options, adjust by yourself video and sound card settings.
To open a console and use other necessary settings, click the button ~
The principal CS 1.6 team, which should be adjust , and opening the console to know is:
Instead of numbers, enter their preferred:
Volume 1
Name Your name
To connect to a server to write the following:
Connect (if the server uses port`a, please contact us as follows:
In any case, it did press ENTER

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